Dawn Lim is painting at

Come and visit the historic homestead and gardens, where Dawn will be selling her art at the wool-shed and painting live on the gardens of Eurambeen. Their Facebook page is here



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I attended the Grampians Tourism Industry Conference 2016 (GTIC2016) @ Ararat last week.
What I took away from it, was context instead of content marketing was the trend, and that advertising whether digital or print is pretty expensive. Also, to write more on blogs, Facebook or Twitter.
The speakers were good, but nothing really new excited me. The CEO gave some interesting stats of the tourism industry in the Grampians, but the audience did not ask any hard hitting questions, we were a sheepish lot.




David Hearn’s address was quite interesting but a few delegates were unable to make sense of it.
On the whole it was a worthwhile event to see what’s happening in the region.

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the effectiveness of boosted post on Facebook

Over the last few months, we have decided to do a lot more on social media to boost the digital marketing efforts for the art retreat’s cafe.

By using the promotion of posts on Facebook for the rainbowgallerycafe fanpage for a minimum sum of A$30 per post. We have done a couple of boosted posts and looked at the rate of return in investment (ROI). The following simple infographic attempts to give an idea of the effectiveness of the case study using just the Facebook Insights.

Also by looking at the number of tables filled at the cafe, we can gauge the results of the boosted posts. Overall a 5% increase in the number of tables after boosting the post as opposed to normal posting has been noted. Therefore,

digital marketing is an effective way of boosting sales.

For A$26 dollars advertising per post on Facebook, a 5% increase in the number of sales is very good ROI.

This is the start of digital advertising and improvements to the fan page posts will be looked at in the future, example call to action buttons, and more promoted posts targeting specific demographics and regions. An email subscription will be implemented.


infographics on boosted post in Facebook

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Learning Twitter Cards

Now learning and implementing twitter cards.

The setup of twitter cards is not painful if you have Yoast Plugin for the WordPress platform.

Adding Twitter Cards to a WordPress site (picture taken from WordPress for beginner’s blog see below)


Twitter cards came be configured with the end result looking like the posts from Facebook. A lot of people are using the Twitter cards when they tweet. It is more engaging and allows you to put media in your twitter posts. Who would be able to resist a picture with  your tweet?

Next will look at Twitter analytics with the card implementation.

It was lucky to have found the plugin for wordpress, because the twitter card develops website requires you to do some coding and it’s not easy to setup.

Googling brought up this website for setup







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[Solved] Wordpress self-hosted site won’t update!

Website would not refresh!

My WordPress website keep fetching up the old website details and wouldn’t update.

Since starting a new website for Dawn http://dawnlimvisualarts.comau, every time I go to update a page or post it would show the old page or post even though it said update completed. Does anyone have this problem?

image of website

So google again came to the rescue. Found the solution. It was the plugins that I have installed. Some plugins maintain a cache so as to serve you faster pages and posts.


I had to delete a few of the plugins I was testing out and the problem was solved!




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Migrating wordpress.com to wordpress.org

Now I have a wordpress self-hosted website on netregistry, I want to migrate my blog to this website, how easy is it?

Did a google search, how painless is that, then followed the instructions!


image of blog

The migration from my wordpress.com website to my new wordpress.org website was so smoothly done! Took just five minutes or less!

I tested out the moving of the posts first, it was successful and then I moved the pages, very good. Then I upgrade a redirect from the old blog to the new blog for a period of a year.

Credit goes to the WordPress community and so on to making more content!


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Cheap way to get a shopping cart on your website

A new website with a simple shopping cart, is it possible?

To find a simple shopping cart for your website without costing monthly fees for the facility and looking good is a nightmare!

To make a new website for Dawn’s contemporary abstract art with a simple shopping cart wich includes PayPal payments.

It has been a hard job to find a shopping cart that is free, to take payments. So it was a God send to find one on the wordpress.org platform. The main reason why there is no shopping cart on this wordpress.com website https://dawnlim.com.au is because this cheap wordpress.com platform doesn’t allow for a shopping cart.

Most webhosting packages offer ecommerce shopping carts, but they all charge a monthly fee. Woocommerce offers a great shopping cart but charges a monthly fee for the payment gateway. You pay for what you get!

With Dawn’s website. a cheap alternative had to be found because shopping for art on the net doesn’t offer a great return on investment. If the website had been getting a lot of sales it would then be justified to spend some money to get a great shopping cart.

So a search for a platform that won’t cost an arm and a leg to incorporate a shopping cart had to be found. It has been a long search and finally found a very simple cart which a lot of people are using. A simple Paypal shopping cart with easy coding and uses a plugin on the wordpress.org platform was a good choice, but will it do for the future! We will find out!


image of website

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